Derby Music Club

Tuesday, October 10th 2017 at 7.45 pm

Tuesday, October 10th 2017 at 7.45 pm
The Voicebox,   Forman St, Derby. DE1 1JQ
AUTUMN CONCERT - Cirrus Clarinet Quartet
               Divertimento         by       Alfred Uhl
              3 movements
               Inner City Suite     by     Paul Harvey
                i)     Piccadilly Line
               ii)      Barbican Blues
               iii)      Rush Hour
               iv)     The Old Churchyard
                v)      Street Games
         Kate Brown   -  B flat clarinet          Jane Clayton       -  B flat clarinet                                    
         Nyssa Comber   -  B flat clarinet        Phil Smith         -  Bass clarinet                 
Soprano & Baritone recitals -  Accompanist – Tom Corfield
                 Il mio bel foco; Quella fiamma  che m’accende                Marcello                                                                             
                 Ave Maria                                                                         Caccini                                
                 Le Colibri                                                                          Chausson
                 Robin Good-Fellow                                                          Warlock

                        Curran Doherty – soprano
                 Bessie Bobtail                                                                  Barber
                 Nachtstück                                                                       Schubert
                 Vecchia Zimarra                                                              Puccini
                 It was a Lover and his Lass                                            Quilter  

                          Alex Vilkaitis - baritone
Tonight’s programme has been arranged by Kate Fox & Colin Miller
                 Next  programme  14th November – arranged by  Sue Jones
                  Hon. Sec:    Jenny Casboult 01335 350285   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Tuesday, June 13th 2017 at 7.45 pm
The Voicebox,   Forman St, Derby. DE1 1JQ
The Reed Quartet
              Movements from  Waldzenen : Op82 ( arr  Raaf Hekkema )                Robert Schumann
              Eintritt   -       Verufene  Stelle  -  Jager auf der Lauer   - Freundliche Landschaft   -
              Einsame Blumen   - Jagdleid .
               Les Rappel des Oiseaux:   (arr  Raaf Hekkema )                             Jean-Philippe  Rameau
               Allemande   -  Les Villageoise ( Rondeau)  - 1er and 2meGigue en Rondeau  -

               Rigaudon  -  Le Rappel des Oiseaux  - Musette en Rondeau   - Tambourin
Joe Curtis –  (saxophone) Anne Allcock  - (oboe) Susie Woodward – ( bassoon )  
Phil Smith – ( bass clarinet )  Kate Fox – ( clarinet )
Coffee and biscuits will be available   (30p please)
Champagne Flutes
i)     Promenade   -     Gershwin                                 iv)        Pavane                -                    Ravel
ii)    Deep River    -   Traditional                                  v)        The Elephant      -         Saint  Saens
iii)    Oblivion         -         Piazolla                              vi)        Tango from Espania       -  Albenitz
                                vii)       Ashoken Farewell      -      Jay Ungar  
                           Jackie Foulkes   -  Flute / piccolo                                    Esther Keen    -    Flute
                                                   Carol Bache       -  Flute / piccolo                                    Gill Clayton     -    Flute
                           Rosie Grantham        -      Flute / Alto                             Gemma Bark  -    Flute
                           Janice Harrison         -       Flute / Bass Flute                  Avril Harding  -    Flute
                                                            Louise Hargreaves – Musical Director
Tonight’s programme has been arranged by Kate Fox & Alison Haslam
                                             Next  programme  10th October – arranged by  Kate Fox