Derby Music Club

Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Tuesday, June 13th 2017 at 7.45 pm
The Voicebox,   Forman St, Derby. DE1 1JQ
The Reed Quartet
              Movements from  Waldzenen : Op82 ( arr  Raaf Hekkema )                Robert Schumann
              Eintritt   -       Verufene  Stelle  -  Jager auf der Lauer   - Freundliche Landschaft   -
              Einsame Blumen   - Jagdleid .
               Les Rappel des Oiseaux:   (arr  Raaf Hekkema )                             Jean-Philippe  Rameau
               Allemande   -  Les Villageoise ( Rondeau)  - 1er and 2meGigue en Rondeau  -

               Rigaudon  -  Le Rappel des Oiseaux  - Musette en Rondeau   - Tambourin
Joe Curtis –  (saxophone) Anne Allcock  - (oboe) Susie Woodward – ( bassoon )  
Phil Smith – ( bass clarinet )  Kate Fox – ( clarinet )
Coffee and biscuits will be available   (30p please)
Champagne Flutes
i)     Promenade   -     Gershwin                                 iv)        Pavane                -                    Ravel
ii)    Deep River    -   Traditional                                  v)        The Elephant      -         Saint  Saens
iii)    Oblivion         -         Piazolla                              vi)        Tango from Espania       -  Albenitz
                                vii)       Ashoken Farewell      -      Jay Ungar  
                           Jackie Foulkes   -  Flute / piccolo                                    Esther Keen    -    Flute
                                                   Carol Bache       -  Flute / piccolo                                    Gill Clayton     -    Flute
                           Rosie Grantham        -      Flute / Alto                             Gemma Bark  -    Flute
                           Janice Harrison         -       Flute / Bass Flute                  Avril Harding  -    Flute
                                                            Louise Hargreaves – Musical Director
Tonight’s programme has been arranged by Kate Fox & Alison Haslam
                                             Next  programme  10th October – arranged by  Kate Fox

Tuesday, May 9th 2017

Tuesday, May 9th 2017 at 7.45 pm

                               An Evening of Voices and Brass  
          Voices  The Water of Tyne                                             Traditional. arranged Michael Neaum
                         He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven                                                     Alex Patterson                                            
                         Fields of Gold                                             Gordon Sumner.      arranged Mark Puddy

                            Solo:     Curran Doherty: Nocturne                                     Michael Head

           Voices:    Cape Breton Lullaby                                                       K.Leslie, arranged S.Calvert
                            Tell me Where is Fancy Bred                                                                     Philip Lane
                              Solos:    Rhiannon Davies:A Melancholy Song   Anthony Hopkins
                                             Millie Butcher: The Lorelei                                 Gershwin
                              Trio: Three Little Maids from School ( The   Mikado)          Sullivan
                                          Curran Doherty, Rhiannon Davies, Harriet Russ

           Voices:    Come all ye fair and tender ladies                     Traditional  arranged by Mark Puddy

                              Solo: Harriet Russ: Fair Robin I lov                                    Mechem

           Voices:    The Rose                                                     A McBroom.           arranged J Knowles
                             Will ye go lassie, go?                                            Traditional,     arranged Dan Miller
                                  Ann Miller – conductor                              Tom Corfield  -  piano

Coffee and biscuits will be available   (30p please)

            Johnson over Jordan : Suite for Orchestra                                    Benjamin Britten
                                                                                                    Arranged by Dave Blackwell

          A Londoner in New York                                                                          Jim Parker
               (i)    Echoes of Harlem     (ii) The Chrysler Building  
(iii)    Grand Central           (iv) Central Park       (v)  Radio City

                              Derventio  Brass                  conductor  -  Dave Blackwell

     Tonight’s programme has been arranged by Colin Miller & Sue Jones